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Kromstraat 10
2611 ER Delft
The Netherlands

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LivingRoomer1 @robroef would look good with red!!!!!!
10:03PM Apr 18
LivingRoomer1 @robroef ha! Sorry long days behind me, right you are! Apologies!
10:01PM Apr 18
LivingRoomer1 @robroef forgot to mention it looks soggy on one end because Merlin was nibbling on it #RTCEUR
09:59PM Apr 18

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01:31PM Apr 24
RTCEUR @Twiceroadsfool @oatfedgoat @autodesku It is safe to say we are biased :) Go to Dublin young man!
07:34PM Apr 22
RTCEUR Seeking abstracts for RTC Europe now that our site is open! For more details follow the link below:
10:12PM Feb 17

Saturday, april 9th, LivingRoomCraftZ took part in the Delftse Levende Etalagedag, an annual event where businesses in Delft have live exhibitions and events in their showroom windows. Brechje, a gifted furniture artist was in our place, creating intricate woodwork in front of our office in Kromstraat...

Check out the pictures below

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